Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Football season is in full swing. Leaves are falling from the trees. Fall has made its arrival to north Georgia and that means it's time to dress up the kids for Halloween. Unlike residents of Windimere and the Ryman Farm who have been disaster-prepping for weeks, you may be one of the procrastinators who isn't... Continue Reading →

Dalton Real Estate Rumors – August 2018

Who doesn’t love a good rumor? Here at Marla's Beachfront Properties, we love to learn about new businesses and developments in and around Dalton. Because, well...progress! Here is a round-up of the hottest real estate rumors in town, as of August 2018. We have ranked these rumors on our "Rumor-o-Meter" from 0-Wishful Thinking to 10-Pretty... Continue Reading →

Dalton Depot – Fate decided?

Are you wondering what will become of the Dalton Depot? So are we! Here are some possible uses that the WSJ team has dreamed up, but we want to hear from you. Comment your ideas below. Ten uses for the Dalton Depot (in no particular order): Burger Joint - Whether a dive bar or gourmet... Continue Reading →

Coming Soon: Hipster Haven in Downtown Dalton

Construction cranes in Downtown Dalton?!? No, you weren't seeing things... Work has begun on the large vacant building at 307 South Hamilton St. The owner, Barrett Properties, plans to turn the building into loft apartments. Demolition started in late June, with the removal of the large concrete panels covering the historic facade (seriously, who thought those were... Continue Reading →

Pop Up Water Park Not Well-Received

A surprise water park was noticed by Dalton residents on the afternoon of July 6th. Employees of many downtown businesses reported that nothing looked out of the ordinary shortly before leaving work at 5:00pm. By 5:10, many downtowners were splishing and splashing through the city especially at the intersection of Waugh St. and Thornton Ave.... Continue Reading →

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