Dalton Music Renaissance Spurs Creed Tribute Band “Creel”

FEATURE FRIDAY! To kick us off on our long weekend, Woody Brooks is back with a story on "Creel." Enjoy, and have a safe weekend! -- Little kept secret in Dalton- there’s a musical renaissance taking place.  Between Burr Park and the bars downtown, most weekends the city is rocking.  Wrapped up in this scene... Continue Reading →

Floyd County Resident ‘Mad’ At Dalton Public Works For Doing ‘Too Good Of A Job’

Dalton, GA - Shaw employee Alex Kozelle took to Twitter this week blasting Dalton Public Works for “working so hard...” following a scavenger hunt that one of his co-worker put together for a team building event. “One of the ‘tasks’ on the list was to find a sign with graffiti on it.” Reports Kozelel. “We... Continue Reading →

Things I don’t have time for: Litterbugs

It's come to my attention (via the amazing Facebook account of Dalton's finest) that there is a litter issue, specifically of cigarette butts, in downtown Dalton. Dalton PD posted a few pictures highlighting the issue of multiple cigarette butts sprinkled around the sidewalk, laughably close to garbage cans. It's important to note here that not... Continue Reading →

Sailing Away: Yacht Rock Comes to Dalton

Dreaming of sailing, sailing away on the soft sounds of Hall & Oates, Fleetwood Mac, Steely Dan, and Toto? A local non-profit is planning a blow out event at Burr Park called Rock-N-Rappel, featuring the celebrated cover-band and entertainers, Yacht Rock Revue. Not only will you be jamming to some smooth sounds, it’s a fundraiser... Continue Reading →

Coming Soon: Hipster Haven in Downtown Dalton

Construction cranes in Downtown Dalton?!? No, you weren't seeing things... Work has begun on the large vacant building at 307 South Hamilton St. The owner, Barrett Properties, plans to turn the building into loft apartments. Demolition started in late June, with the removal of the large concrete panels covering the historic facade (seriously, who thought those were... Continue Reading →

Pimp My Post Office

Rumors that Dalton's main post office on Thornton Avenue is undergoing renovations are in the air....(we might have started them, but who's counting) Locals complain about a variety of issues with the current design, including dated styling, interior layout and parking flow. We caught M. T. Thornton berating another driver in the parking lot, and... Continue Reading →

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