George Whitefield, A Profile

Lots of folks around here could tell you about our history. They could tell you that in 1847 the settlement of Cross Plains was absorbed into the Town of Dalton, that it was named by Edward White for his mother’s family. You could most likely find someone to explain how, because of the success of... Continue Reading →

Cool S*** Happening in Dalton

Another day, another mis-informed local citizen repeating the mantra of "There's nothing happening in Dalton." Seriously? Have you been living under a rock for the last year? For those that need a little edumacation, here is some cool S*** happening in Dalton. Feel free to shout it from the rooftops for those that seem to... Continue Reading →

Group Proposes Renaming City of Dalton

City officials are discussing a ballot measure to officially rename the city of Dalton to “Daul-nn.” It was brought to the city council’s attention that residents have not pronounced the “t” for several decades. The push for the referendum is mostly being led by the group, “Citizens for Phonetical Correctness.” The group proposes using SPLOST... Continue Reading →

5 Point Friday

It's here!!! Friday! You did it folks, now enjoy your weekend. Here's 5 Points to get you started off right.... Where to be This Weekend: Cross Plains Community Partner Annual Art Gala and Auction Where: The Mill @ Crown Garden When: Saturday August 11th @ 6:00 pm Local art available for auction, live music, open... Continue Reading →

Believe Greater Trains

  Contributed by Friends of the Journal, this video is an update from our Believe Greater Dalton team. It should be noted that this video was recorded without a 'train quiet zone' downtown. Although they are very passionate about trains.

Depot destruction scheduled

It’s finally happened. We’ve secretly wanted this for years, even after suggesting alternatives - on a deep level we knew it was coming. So, ladies and gentlemen, mark your calendars! Naturally this will be a family event, drawing community presence and... I assume food trucks from Chattanooga or something. After years of attempting to fill... Continue Reading →

Dalton Food Tour – by the Gonzalez Family

Editor's Note: Rachel and Miguel Gonzalez did their own summer "Dalton Food Tour," and we were so excited when they agreed to write about their experience for the WSJ! This is only part 1, so please stay tuned for their next adventure. Thank you Gonzalez Family! Mexican food? Tijuanas. Meat and Veggies? Oakwood. Burgers? Steak... Continue Reading →

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