What We Are Thankful For

Happy Thanksgiving 706’ers. As we gather with friends and family, I thought I might give you a little Turkey Day insight to our editorial board - I asked them what they are thankful for this year: Marla: “I'm thankful for the positive momentum in Downtown...and also days when I don’t get stopped at a train... Continue Reading →

Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Football season is in full swing. Leaves are falling from the trees. Fall has made its arrival to north Georgia and that means it's time to dress up the kids for Halloween. Unlike residents of Windimere and the Ryman Farm who have been disaster-prepping for weeks, you may be one of the procrastinators who isn't... Continue Reading →

Which Downtown Peacock is Your Favorite?

I recently learned through reading the public comment section in a local print news publication that people in and around Dalton have some wide-ranging opinions on the peacock statues in town. Some love them. Some think they should be removed. It was eye-opening to see the differing viewpoints. Personally I think they represent a story... Continue Reading →

Group Proposes Renaming City of Dalton

City officials are discussing a ballot measure to officially rename the city of Dalton to “Daul-nn.” It was brought to the city council’s attention that residents have not pronounced the “t” for several decades. The push for the referendum is mostly being led by the group, “Citizens for Phonetical Correctness.” The group proposes using SPLOST... Continue Reading →

The Dalton Mail Bag with Doug Gapp

Hey Daltonions. Doug here, welcoming you to the Dalton Mailbag aka ‘Ask Doug.’ One of my favorite things about the WSJ blog is the feedback I get from my readers. This is your chance to start the dialogue about, well, anything you choose. It's like a forum, but not like that forum. On to the... Continue Reading →

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