There is something in air in Dalton these days.  Not manufacturing pollutants or air wafting in from the chicken-house over yonder.  It’s an energy. It seems like we’re in the middle of a period of change in our community, and you can feel it everywhere.  It’s this whatever-it-is that inspired this blog.

This project came together after a bit of late-night revelry among some friends bearing witness to this change happening around us, but at the same time seeing a disconnect between all the good things happening on the ground and the bizarre negativity about our community entrenched  in some circles. So we made this blog.

Let us (sort of) introduce ourselves.  We’re a group of guys and gals that care deeply about our community and the direction its headed, and we suspect there are enough like-minded folks out there that would get a kick out of something like this.  We’re not full-time bloggers or journalists, so please bear with us. This is a labor of love. We all have jobs and interests outside of this; many of us will likely be posting under pen-names. We hope to be a platform to provide commentary, discourse, and some satire on important local matters.  We also want to be an outlet for creativity in our community, so please share with us!

We are not a newspaper, so while you can expect plenty of posts about local issues, you should probably rely on more traditional sources for that.  We’re also not pretending to be neutral. We are unapologetically bullish on Dalton’s future, so expect plenty of bias.

So check in on us from time-to-time,  and tell your friends!


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