What We Are Thankful For

Happy Thanksgiving 706’ers. As we gather with friends and family, I thought I might give you a little Turkey Day insight to our editorial board – I asked them what they are thankful for this year:

Marla: “I’m thankful for the positive momentum in Downtown…and also days when I don’t get stopped at a train crossing”

Cohutta Cat: “I’m thankful that the archeological and historical assessment for Buzzard’s Roost will be done soon to make way for new mountain bike trails early next year!”

Captain Peacock: “Cranberry sauce. Canned, not the real crap. And beer. And my family, probably.”

Dalton Transplant: “Speed bumps.”

Gluten Free: “Taco fries, kind humans, and all the fun things happening in our little community <3. Also thankful that we still don’t have an Olive Garden.”

And I’m thankful for the positive momentum we’ve seen in our town this year. New parks, new restaurants, new breweries- all in a town that people declared finished just a few years ago.

I’m thankful for turkey and pumpkin pie.

I’m thankful that in a few weeks the star on Mount Rachel and the lights on the Pye House will be illuminated. I love Christmas time in this town.

I’m thankful for friends and family.

I’m thankful for the men and women in the police force/fire department/EMS/and all first-responders as they continue to work tirelessly to keep our community safe. We don’t say thank you to them enough– especially whoever runs the Dalton Police Department’s Twitter account.

I’m thankful the mosquitos are gone. For now.

I’m thankful for the feedback y’all have given on this semi-serious blog—social media is saturated with painstakingly negative content, and if we’ve provided even a small way to laugh, discuss, and share with other members of our community in a light-hearted manner, then I’m thankful we could help.

And beer. I’m also thankful for beer.

Happy Thanksgiving, D-town.


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