Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Football season is in full swing. Leaves are falling from the trees. Fall has made its arrival to north Georgia and that means it’s time to dress up the kids for Halloween. Unlike residents of Windimere and the Ryman Farm who have been disaster-prepping for weeks, you may be one of the procrastinators who isn’t Halloween-ready yet. Want a topically-relevant costume with some local Dalton flavor? We’ve got you covered:



Materials needed: cardboard. Legos. Le-GLUE

Build anything you want. Just secure it with locally created and manufactured Le-Glue which was recently featured on the hit show Shark Tank! Bonus couples costume idea: have another person dress up as a an actual shark and throw money at you all night. Pro tip: check the weather as Le-Glue is water soluble and you don’t want your costume falling off in the rain.


Materials needed:

Lots of feathers/Elmer’s glue/tights/sequence/fake diamonds/glitter/several other shiny things. Basically the same materials needed to go as burlesque dancer.

With several local examples to use as inspiration, you can go with the look of a Downtown Dalton peacock or venture outside-the-box with your own design. You could look like a sexy French maid, but a bird. Or if you’re more of a crazy cat lady, get one for your cat too.

Cat peacock costume from (yes, that’s a real thing)


Materials needed:

Giant size Hefty garbage bag/lots of paper or foam stuffing/tape

Make a statement when you trick-or-treat down Valley Drive this year. Definitely add a yellow “SPEED HUMP” sign to complete the outfit. But be careful as placement of the sign will determine how NSFW your costume is.



Materials needed:

Older looking clothes/Dalton Brewing Company Growler/fake beard if you don’t have time to grow a beard.

Add a pair of thick rimmed glasses and this costume also works as a downtown hipster.


Materials needed: Rectangular pool float (white)/Orange spray paint

Lots of people don’t know that Hot Hands are made right here in our little corner of northwest Georgia. I don’t think this costume has ever been done before, but it would be a hit when you shake it on the dance floor. Watch the creepy pick up lines about activating the heat though, gentlemen.



Materials needed: MAGA hat/Nike clothing/a megaphone/a general demeanor of negativity

Not much explanation needed. Just walk around and yell ridiculous drivel all night. Make sure when someone says something, anything, you immediately disagree and also attack their political/social/religious beliefs.



Materials needed: Super big sunglasses, flashy jewelry, an infectious smile.

Seriously- if someone dresses their kids in Jean Burr costumes and brings them to the house of Doug Gapp, I will give them ALL of my candy.


photo credit dalton daily citizen

Side note: I’ve heard lots of chatter about trick-or-treating downtown from 5pm-7pm where merchants will be handing out candy and parents will be strolling behind them, enjoying their open container beverage of choice.

Have a happy and safe Halloween, Daltonians!!



One thought on “Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

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  1. Why not dress up as an 89 year old piece of Dixie (can I use that term?) Highway pavement? For you do know, don’t you, that this is the 89th anniversary of the Motorcade that celebrated the paving of the final section of Hwy 41 through Georgia?
    Thursday, October 31, 1929
    “Rev. C.M. Lipham,”The Preacher” Writes of Dalton and New Road”

    Copies available from: The House of Phideaux.


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