Which Downtown Peacock is Your Favorite?

I recently learned through reading the public comment section in a local print news publication that people in and around Dalton have some wide-ranging opinions on the peacock statues in town. Some love them. Some think they should be removed. It was eye-opening to see the differing viewpoints. Personally I think they represent a story that is unique to Dalton and that’s something to be celebrated. But rather than be boring and write a column for which I state the many reasons for my pro-peacock opinion, I’ve dlllecided the better course of action is to take a closer look at the statues-in-question and rank them to determine which peacock is the best peacock. Does your answer match up with mine?

9. Carpet Capital association of Realtors

Location: King and Selvidge

Reasoning: There are just too many real estate-related puns that were missed when naming this peacock: Agent Feathers, Fannie May, Freddie Mac, Commissioner Peacock…this is a pun gold mine.

However, the artwork is interesting and the location is well-placed so overall it does add positivity to the downtown aesthetic without even taking 6 percent off the top for its services.

8. “Alliant”

Location: City Hall

Reasoning: The location WAS random and off-the-beaten path…but, serendipitously, it was announced recently (and right after I made my rankings) that the Alliant headquarters is moving their operations Downtown and will occupy the top floors of the BBT building right across the street from this statue. Did the multi-million dollar company move locations just to be closer to their peacock? I don’t see any other plausible explanation.

7. “Peacock with a Sword”

Location: Hamilton and Crawford

Ok this one barely even looks like a peacock. It more closely resembles a random dude from Virginia with a defeated demeanor. But it does have a sword and none of the other peacocks brandish any type of weaponry so that’s worth some points in the rankings. I think.

6. Civitan Park

Location: Crawford and Hamilton

Reasoning: The artwork is beautiful. This peacock is now located close to Burr Park so someone should make a Burr Park peacock to be placed close to Civitan Park. That would only make sense.

5. “Celebrating 20 Years of The Nutcracker”

Location: Hamilton and Gordon

Reasoning: A nutcracker-themed peacock: is there anything more Dalton than that? Until someone invents a carpet-flavored taco: no, no there isn’t.

4. “The Sweet Spot”

Location: Morris and Hamilton

Reasoning: Another fine looking peacock and this one also has a good location that’s relevant to the subject matter. Well done.

3. Unnamed industrial looking peacock

Locations: Hamilton street at Crutchfields Furniture

Reasoning: I consider myself VERY knowledgeable when it comes to modern art and I must say this is a brilliant take on a peacock. It’s so industrial- just like Dalton itself which is extremely META. It has this super-cool steampunk vibe that works on so many levels. I wouldn’t expect someone who doesn’t understand art to appreciate this one fully though.

2. Peacock Alley

Location: Hamilton St at Crescent City

Reasoning: the reason I like the peacocks is that they help to tell Dalton’s unique story. The peacock alley peacock located at peacock alley is quintessential Dalton. In a good way. Plus it had a lei left on it so this peacock clearly likes to party.

That leaves one…drumroll please…….

1. “IRA”

Location: King St. at Jones Financial

Reasoning: PUN! Alas, we have a perfectly named peacock with beautiful yet unique artwork (including 3D bulls and bears). It’s the best peacock in Doug Gapp’s humble opinion. The only thing that could keep this from being a perfect peacock is if they did something silly like put it in a parking lot where no one can see…..

Welp, I guess you can’t have everything. But all-in-all Ira still takes home the award for my favorite peacock. Congrats, Ira.

Leave your own votes in the comments section or write your own submission explaining how wrong I am. And lastly, join me in celebrating the fact that I made it through an entire column about peacocks without dropping one hint of an inappropriate innuendo. That’s hard to do.

Peace, love, tufting,


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