To Haig Mill and Beyond

First things first, NO, you can’t swim here. This is a drinking water reservoir and you nasty (but that turtle, duckbutt and slimy fish are cool though).

Now that that is cleared up, let’s talk about about what we can look forward to after the “soft opening” of Haig Mill Lake Park on September 8th. The park will feature miles of walking and biking trails, docks for fishing, kayak and canoe launch sites, an outdoor amphitheater and picnic spaces.

This park looks to be a huge step in filling a void for Dalton in providing a scenic space to promote healthy family activities. Travel to almost any rising popular family destination and green spaces and green ways are almost sure to be present, promoted and at the center of the community. Haig Mills trails provide runners and walkers another safe alternative to just circling “the loop”. The ability to utilize non-motorized boats presents an entirely new recreation opportunity not currently available within the city. The best part of this addition to Dalton is that it’s one in what will hopefully be many more intertwined pieces to Dalton’s green spaces. 8 years ago, the city revealed plans for a series of interconnected trails and this appears to be a great first step in that direction.

Adding to the green space momentum, this past year, the local chapter of SORBA (Southern Off-Road Bicycle Association) announced plans for the future development of mountain biking trails at Buzzards Roost. This trail system will be developed along Rocky Face Ridge east of I-75 and just North of Downtown Dalton. Ideally, if projects like Buzzards Roost and Haig Mill can be linked together, we could have the potential for miles of greenway to link Buzzards Roost, Haig Mill, Mount Rachel, Heritage Park Downtown and beyond.

For now, let’s enjoy Haig Mill (but not too much… keep your darn pool noodles at home because you aren’t swimming here you filthy animal) and keep the momentum going!


Rock Creek Outfitters will be at Haig Mill for a “soft opening” on September 8th, 15th and 22nd from 8:30 am – 5:00 pm providing free kayak rentals, a kayak clinic, and food! 

While we are sad we cant bring fido or paddleboards and we kid around… stay out of our drinking water…

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