Dalton Music Renaissance Spurs Creed Tribute Band “Creel”

FEATURE FRIDAY! To kick us off on our long weekend, Woody Brooks is back with a story on “Creel.” Enjoy, and have a safe weekend!

Little kept secret in Dalton- there’s a musical renaissance taking place.  Between Burr Park and the bars downtown, most weekends the city is rocking.  Wrapped up in this scene is the ever higher achieving Dalton-based Creed tribute band “Creel”.

Four newly formed bandmates sit passively in an undisclosed brewery in downtown Dalton.  Their oily hair, wallet chains, and leather pants are all reminiscence of a bygone era of early 2000s rock music.  The tallest of the group and lead singer, Card Monroe sips a craft beer that he thought would taste the most like Natty Ice.  Stocky bassist “J-box” Jones exhales deeply after a long drag from his vape.  The drummer and most grizzled elder of the crew, Glenwood Shaw munches nonchalantly on a Steak-n-Shake fry.  Youngest member (by at least 10 years) “Pretty Boy Swag” sorts his long bangs using his cell phone’s camera.  The mood is high after a ruckus and well attended concert the night before at Burr Park.

When asked about their origins, they tell the story with a level of reverence.  Card swears they all met simultaneously at the Glennwood Avenue/Dalton Bypass light around 3 in the morning.  Card had finished a tufting shift a couple hours earlier and was cruising to let off steam.  Glenwood had just finished watching a UFC pay-per-view at Chilis and J-box was picking up a few late-night tacos.  PrettyBoy preferred not to mention what he was doing at the hour.

Whatever brought them to the red light that hour, they all recall with certainty what happened next.  All had their windows rolled down save J-box (electric scooter).  Almost beyond belief, they were all playing (blasting) the same Creed song “One Last Breath”.  Card elaborates, “everyone thinks the song happened to be playing on the radio.  That song hasn’t played on the radio in at least 10 years.”

J-box recalls they all looked at each other in astonishment.  Glenwood dropped his Monster Energy drink.  Pretty Boy turned his Mp3 player off several times to still hear the same song playing.  And then it was understood; they all pulled quickly into the Food City parking lot to congregate.  Within a couple hours, they had relocated to J-Box’s apartment with their instruments.  Creel was formed.

Glenwood explains the name, “We’ve all worked Carpet (except PrettyBoy) and we all loved Creed.  Creel was a name we received with arms wide open.”  Ever since, they were playing the ever-growing Dalton musical circuit to adoring crowds.

Glenwood is quick to remind people that it hasn’t been super easy.  “My sacrifice was the mileage on my scooter”, J-box explains.  “But well worth it to share this music with another generation.”  PrettyBoy tells of the time local flash flooding provided a chance to re-record the iconic music video “My Sacrifice” (Creed is filmed playing their song in waste-high water), “We ruined about 600 bucks worth of equipment, but our hair could not have been any more early 2000s”.

Their following has grown considerably when factoring for the actual popularity of Creed’s music today. Some fans believe the group has secured a sponsorship with Monster Energy but PrettyBoy dismisses it.  “That’s a rumor originated from the fact that there are so many empty cans leftover after a concert.  No sponsorship.  At least not yet.”   To capitalize on the momentum, the group is thinking it is time to hit the studio.  Card elaborates, “fans can expect a studio album in the next six weeks and a live album if the trains downtown ever cooperate.”

Card takes another sip of his beer, “people ask do we other groups like Nickleback.”  The whole group laughs dismissively.   “Maybe a group in Murray County will do that”.

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