Dalton Real Estate Rumors – August 2018

Who doesn’t love a good rumor? Here at Marla’s Beachfront Properties, we love to learn about new businesses and developments in and around Dalton. Because, well…progress!

Here is a round-up of the hottest real estate rumors in town, as of August 2018. We have ranked these rumors on our “Rumor-o-Meter” from 0-Wishful Thinking to 10-Pretty Much Fact. Heard a juicy rumor on new things happening in Dalton? Share away! Comment below or drop us a line here.

New Releases & Updates:

  • Above the Ridge Outfitters (Rumor-o-Meter: 9) -Update: Opening September 8th!
    • While Trailhead Bicycle will not be immediately moving into the space they own on Hamilton St, they have sub-leased the space to Above the Ridge Outfitters, who is opening a second location. The owners are great supporters of local events at their current location in Ringgold, so we hope they will do the same in Downtown Dalton. Address: 300 S Hamilton St
  • Rak Outfitters @ Former K-Mart (Rumor-o-Meter: 4)
    • We hear Rak has abandoned plans for opening a home store in the Mill. The space they were slated to go is currently being used as an event space. We hear some rumblings that they may be relocating across Walnut Ave to the former K-Mart shopping center. Address: 1308 W Walnut Ave
  • Habitat for Humanity ReStore (Rumor-o-Meter: 9)
    • This hidden gem of home rennovation is relocating from a hard-to-find location near the hospital to a space near Downtown Dalton. The current projection for opening at the new location is Fall 2018. Address: 111 N Glenwood Ave
  • Big Changes at the BB&T Building (Rumor-o-Meter: 9)
    • HealthOne Alliance/Alliant Health Plans are relocating 120 people to Downtown Dalton in late 2018. Barrett Properties recently purchased the building and all BB&T staff are relocating to the first floor. Address: 201 W Waugh St
  • Native Kitchen @ The Mill (Rumor-o-Meter: 9)
    • Construction has started on the Native Kitchen space at The Mill. They plan to occupy two spaces, with a mezzanine seating area above the kitchen. They have a pop-up shop with coffee, juice, baked goods and more at The Mill from 7AM-2PM every weekday. Address: Inside The Mill @ 825 Chattanooga Ave
  • The Mill @ Crown Garden (Rumor-o-Meter: 10!)
    • Work is continuing at The Mill with Native Kitchen, a hair salon, home decor store, and small bar under construction now. Current tenant Sol De Mayo Tacos is already expanding (Yeah!), and recent pop-up shops have featured Belgian waffles and fresh cut flowers. Future tenants could include a restaurant, fitness classes, and more boutique shopping options. With a cool atmosphere and free internet, if you’re looking for a spot to hang out and work or study for a little while (besides Panera or Starbucks), check it out. Open now. Address: 825 Chattanooga Ave
  • Emery Street Market (Formerly the “new Green Spot”) (Rumor-o-Meter: 10!)
    • Looks like the name dispute has been settled, with the “new Green Spot” changing the name to Emery Street Market. Either way, it’s a cool new grocery store at the site of the “old Green Spot”. We wish them luck. Open for business now. Address: 309 W Emory St

Old News:

  • Dalton Donuts (Rumor-o-Meter: 10 – Pretty Much Fact)
  • The Cherry Tree – Relocation (Rumor-o-Meter: 10!)
    • A downtown shop relocated down the street recently to the former Sweet Cheeks location. Be sure to congratulate them on the new digs! Address: 210 N Hamilton St
  • Olivia Scott Boutique (Rumor-o-Meter: 10!)
    • Got a little one that needs some new threads? Check out this cute new children’s boutique in The Mill @ Crown Garden. A little hard to locate, but it’s in the hallway by Sol de Mayo Tacos. Open now. Address: Inside The Mill @ 825 Chattanooga Ave
  • Downtown Apartments (Rumor-o-Meter: 10!)
    • Check out our article here. A complete renovation of the building will take a while – so look for 19 studio apartments & a commercial/coffee space to open in Fall 2019-ish. The building is currently owned by Barrett Properties. Address: 307 South Hamilton St
  • Dunkin Donuts (Rumor-o-Meter: 10 – Pretty Much Fact)
  • Food City/Ulta/Ross (etc.) (Rumor-o-Meter: 10 – Pretty Much Fact)
    • The former Kmart site will feature a Ross, Ulta, PetSmart, Food City and several TBD retailers. Construction is underway. Address: 1308 W Walnut Ave
  • New Spaces for Lease on Hamilton St (Rumor-o-Meter: 8)
    • Part of the former Crutchfield’s space is being renovated and will be up for lease soon. Don’t worry, Crutchfield’s is still open if you need to pick up a new La-Z-Boy or new window AC. Address: 209 N Hamilton St
  • Downtown Hotel (Rumor-o-Meter: 7)
    • Construction is underway at the old bank building across from Raspberry Row. You know, the place everyone parks to go to Oakwood. We hear that the owner of Oakwood/Cherokee has purchased the building and is turning into a boutique hotel. Address: 204 W. Cuyler St
  • The Mall Revamp (Rumor-o-Meter: 6)
    • Hull Property Group has purchased the mall, and has grand plans for a revamp – starting with demolishing the JCPenny and Sears ends. No timeline on when this will happen. Address: 816 Walnut Square Blvd
  • Cafe Ostro (Rumor-o-Meter: 6)
    • This future Mediterranean restaurant has been posting some delicious pictures on Instagram. We hope they stay on track for a Summer opening. Address: 240 N. Hamilton St
  • Olive Garden/Cheddar’s (Rumor-o-Meter: 1 – Wishful Thinking)
    • Brett Huske, Director of Tourism for Dalton/Whitfield County, told a group in March 2018 there are no definite plans for the space next to the outlet mall. A hotel was originally planned for the site, but the developer is now hoping to put two restaurants at the location: Olive Garden and a Cheddar’s. Both brands are owned by Darden Restaurant Group. Exact address is unknown, but it is near the outlet mall.

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