Group Proposes Renaming City of Dalton

City officials are discussing a ballot measure to officially rename the city of Dalton to “Daul-nn.” It was brought to the city council’s attention that residents have not pronounced the “t” for several decades.

The push for the referendum is mostly being led by the group, “Citizens for Phonetical Correctness.” The group proposes using SPLOST funds to cover the cost of rebranded signage around town.

Little is known about the CPC at this time; their website indicates that they are headquartered out of an office in Atlanuh.


2 thoughts on “Group Proposes Renaming City of Dalton

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  1. You’ve struck a nerve! One of my pet peeves is that DaLTon has both and “L” and a “T”, and both are included in the correct pronunciation of the name. I realize this is fighting a losing battle in the day and age where the “T”s in the middle of words such as kittens and important are no longer being pronounced.

    Please campaign instead for the inclusion of the “L” and the “T”, Mr. Gapp!


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