Cool S*** Happening in Dalton

Another day, another mis-informed local citizen repeating the mantra of “There’s nothing happening in Dalton.” Seriously? Have you been living under a rock for the last year?

For those that need a little edumacation, here is some cool S*** happening in Dalton. Feel free to shout it from the rooftops for those that seem to be hard of hearing.

Burr Park

  • Opened in May 2018, this brand new amphitheater, centrally located on Hamilton St, hosts a free concert every Friday @ 7:30 in the summer. Future events include Latin Taste festival, Beer Festival, Yacht Rock Concert and more. Check Facebook events, the Facebook Local app or for more.

Haig Mill Lake Park

  • Slated to open in early September 2018, this new natural park is already sporting a lake-side trail and some killer scenery. Check it here or the WSJ take here. Feeling curious? Do a cruise-by up Haig Mill Lake Rd.

Craft Beer Scene

  • With the opening of Dalton Brewing Co. in February 2018, locally-brewed craft beer has arrived in Dalton. There are now enough local watering holes in Downtown Dalton to have your own pub crawl, and since downtown has an open container ordinance, you can walk and enjoy your boozy beverage of choice.

The Mill @ Crown Garden

  • Opened in June 2018, this local mecca is being developed by the same folks that brought us Crown Mill Apartments.  Currently featuring a taco shop, coffee/juice bar, children’s boutique, central co-working space, event space with more being developed.

New Apartments on Hamilton St.

  • Availability of housing is a known issue around these parts. The good news, lofts will open up on Hamilton St. in the next year and several other sites are being looked at by developers. Hallelujah!

Other cool local S*** to share?  Comment below or drop us a line here.

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