Depot destruction scheduled

It’s finally happened. We’ve secretly wanted this for years, even after suggesting alternatives – on a deep level we knew it was coming. So, ladies and gentlemen, mark your calendars! Naturally this will be a family event, drawing community presence and… I assume food trucks from Chattanooga or something.

After years of attempting to fill the building with anything and everything. Offering to rent, sell, and probably lease as a movie set, the city has thrown up it’s hands and is throwing down the gauntlet. They heard our suggestions but due to an unsurprising amount of contention within the city council have been unable to reach a solution or find an occupant/tenant. Frankly, sources tell us, they’re tired of train conductors attempting to jump the tracks and drive through the building.

So, the time has come. Several demolition companies were consulted, but happily the decision was made to implode the Depot on Halloween (for effect). Details will be released shortly on the safe to view area, a website for livestreaming from the Landmark building’s cameras, and of course the location for various food trucks and vendor specials. Rumor has it the DDDA’s commemorative ornament this year will celebrate the occasion, and several local food purveyors will be creating demolition themed dishes and drinks. Incidentally, the Marta Bus that made such a splash at the Georgia Dome demolition has been scheduled to make an appearance.

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