Coming Soon: Hipster Haven in Downtown Dalton

Belks2Construction cranes in Downtown Dalton?!? No, you weren’t seeing things…

Work has begun on the large vacant building at 307 South Hamilton St. The owner, Barrett Properties, plans to turn the building into loft apartments.

Demolition started in late June, with the removal of the large concrete panels covering the historic facade (seriously, who thought those were a good idea in the first place?!?).

fb_img_1530220343526The building formerly housed the Belk-Gallant department store, which opened at the downtown location in 1941 – opening the same week Pearl Harbor was bombed. Many Dalton residents remember the creaky floors, purchasing their Scout uniforms on the top floor, and the unique smell of the oil floor polish.

fb_img_1530373108145Belk’s relocated to the Walnut Square Mall when it opened in 1980. The building has also been a bank, probate court, and offices.

We hear the first resident mixer will be a 1950’s hoedown throwback theme…perhaps the live donkey will be invited back for the party?

Here at Marla’s Beachfront Properties, we are excited to see new options for living, working, and playing in Downtown Dalton. Bring on the hipsters y’all.

For more Dalton real estate rumors, check out Dalton Real Estate Rumors – June 2018.

With Love, Marla

Marla’s Beachfront Properties

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