Cruise Ship Makes Landing at Haig Mill Lake Ahead of Park Opening

An Allure of the Seas cruise liner made its way to Haig Mill Lake this past week as residents prepare for the opening of the new city park. The park is in the final phase of construction and has been made possible mostly through SPLOST funding.  Mayor Mock said that cruise ship could bring “unprecedented... Continue Reading →

Things I don’t have time for: Litterbugs

It's come to my attention (via the amazing Facebook account of Dalton's finest) that there is a litter issue, specifically of cigarette butts, in downtown Dalton. Dalton PD posted a few pictures highlighting the issue of multiple cigarette butts sprinkled around the sidewalk, laughably close to garbage cans. It's important to note here that not... Continue Reading →

The Dalton Mail Bag with Doug Gapp

Hey Daltonions. Doug here, welcoming you to the Dalton Mailbag aka ‘Ask Doug.’ One of my favorite things about the WSJ blog is the feedback I get from my readers. This is your chance to start the dialogue about, well, anything you choose. It's like a forum, but not like that forum. On to the... Continue Reading →

5-Point Friday

Where you need to be this weekend: Live music you can't miss! Friday night: The Buckner Brothers @ Burr Park Amphitheater Sunday night: Stephen Busie Band @ Ocoee River Jam Native Daltonian Stephen Busie and his band will be putting out the good sounds on the Ocoee River Jam stage this Sunday evening. Self described as a "Vivacious fusion... Continue Reading →

Elders Recall the Kroger Parking Lot

It's Friday, which means 1) It's almost the weekend and 2)  We have another Feature Friday for your reading pleasure! Thank you to Woody Brooks for his submission this week! - Children gathered around at Brookwood Elementary school yesterday to hear elders recall their experiences in the Kroger Parking lot on Walnut Avenue as part... Continue Reading →

Cash & Carry

I've noticed an unsettling trend that has been attempting to spread amongst our humble purveyors of goods and food stuffs in town. For whatever reason this seems to be contagious, with potential to spread like a plague and interfere with our humble lives on unthinkable levels. That's right, we've already progressed from the absurdity of... Continue Reading →

Dalton Real Estate Rumors – July 2018

Who doesn’t love a good rumor? Here at Marla's Beachfront Properties, we love to learn about new businesses and developments in and around Dalton. Because, well...progress! Here is a round-up of the hottest real estate rumors in town, as of July 2018. We have ranked these rumors on our "Rumor-o-Meter" from 0-Wishful Thinking to 10-Pretty... Continue Reading →

5-Point Friday!

Where you need to be this weekend: Blackbird Revival! - Burr Park Amphitheater Today! (Friday 7/20) @ 7:30 pm About: Murray County's finest, Blackbird Revival, graces the Burr Park Amphitheater stage this evening. If you haven't made it out to Burr Park for the summer music series DO NOT MISS THIS ONE! Blackbird Revival puts... Continue Reading →

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